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The Project

Established in 2009

Why this title, "The Persephone's Dragonfly"? I chose this title because Persephone was the goddess of my birthplace, Elefsina (Greece). As for the dragonfly, it is an attractive insect that I meet often in the cycladic island of Paros, during the summer. I am always impressed by its colors similar to the rainbow.

The "Persephone's Dragonfly Project", was first born as a website in 2009 when the online information about greek vintage toys was very poor. Fortunately the situation now is totally changed, and that makes us very proud.
The project is an integral part of a Network made by greek collectors, beloved friends who I met in the biggest forum/database of the vintage greek culture, the Retromaniax.

I tried to collect some information about vintage dolls from Europa and USA, that are less known to the public: the rag dolls Marie d'O from France, the Madame Alexander, the italian dolls of Zannini e Zambelli are only some of them. You can read about this dolls in the gallery description and in the Blog section.

Here, in my website you can see, non only my personal collection of greek and italian vintage toys, but also some objects born by my hands, in my laboratory: copies of famous paintings, watercolor mermaids on marble stone of Paros, Paper Dolls and Rag Dolls from recycled materials.

Restore - Recycle - Protect what risks to be forgotten: this is my philosophy.


Most of my dolls are not been bought, they are a gift.

Others have been discovered in several italian and greek flea markets. Then they have been washed, repainted and rerooted with new hair. Many of them have been bought at the "Rigiocattolo" (Toy Recycling), the project of the "Paese dell'Arcobaleno" (Rainbow Country) that promotes, throught the selling of used toys and dolls, the sustaining of solidarity projects all over the world.

That makes these dolls special.

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