Why this title, "The Persephone's Dragonfly"?

I chose this title because Persephone was the goddess of my birthplace, Eleusina (Greece). As for the dragonfly, it is an ... attractive insect that I meet often in the cycladic island of Paros, during the summer. I am always impressed by its colors similar to the rainbow.

The "Persephone's Dragonfly" project, is an integral part of a Network made by greek collectors, beloved friends who I met in the biggest forum/database of the vintage greek culture, the Retromaniax.gr.

Here, in this website you can see, non only my personal collection of greek and italian vintage toys, but also some objects born by my hands, in my laboratory: copies of famous paintings, byzantine icons, watercolor mermaids on marble stone of Paros.

Restore - Recycle - Protect what risks to be forgotten: this is my philosophy.

The Persephone's Dragonfly